A lot has been put into our platform to ensure we meet our clients target. Several professionals have been put together to deliver this classic and standard platform that can withstand several competitions from our competitors. Check below what our target has been like and several packages we have for you.


At Uniksounds, we have professional writers who are in charge of putting up those awesome posts you come across here on Uniksounds. They are degree holders who are talented in the field. They make sure that whatever they put up meet the standard of our viewers.

Our Reach

Uniksounds reach thousands of daily viewers world wide ranging from Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Dubai, etc. Our online readers are always coming to download latest music, to watch latest videos, comedy and also to check live events.


Uniksounds has been recognized as one of the top Entertainment platforms in Africa due to our consistency in ensuring we provide standard contents to our viewers. Due to this, the traffic of our website has been really impressive as we get thousands of viewers daily.

promotional packages

Music banner advert is a kind of advert where we put up your music banner on the front page of our website usually on the slider of our front page. This kind of advert is really catching because as soon as a viewer visits our site, the first thing that catches his or her attention is the slider located on top of the front page. With thousands of people visiting our website everyday, you are sure of good engagement on the banner. We charge ₦3,000 per week to put your banner on the front page of our website for desktop and ₦5,000 for mobile banner advert per week. If you want your banner to be both on the desktop and mobile versions of our website, it will cost ₦7,500 ONLY.

Note: We charge for mobile more than desktop version because our visitors’ analytics shows that there are more mobile users than desktop / laptop users. So the prices for both can not be the same as more users view our website more on mobile compared to the desktop.

Most of our visitors are always interested in knowing which song is the song of the week and this has gotten a lot of people’s attentions. Do you want your song to be listed as song of the week on Uniksounds? This is a time for you to reach your audience and get to the top of the Entertainment industry. Music of the week cost ₦8,000 ONLY and its last for one week only. Within this one week, be sure of maximum audience reach that will catapult your music career to the next level.

Each month, we drop our monthly mixtapes which feature the top hit songs for the month and thousands of our fans always look forward to downloading and listening to the mixtape. Imagine your song being among the mixtape of the month and it’s played by thousands of music lovers in and outside Nigeria, then be assured that your song has made it to the top. This mixtape is also promoted top millions of people across the Nigeria and beyond. We also collaborate with Alaba mixtapes to give our artistes the best promotions they can get. We charge ₦50,000 to put your song on our monthly mixtape. We charge you a minimum price.

Do you want your post, song, video, event, business to trend on social media? We are ready to give you the vibe you deserve. With thousands of our followers across our social media pages, then be assured to get the job done. We will hype and trend your post to the right audience and make sure we target your beneficiaries. Social media is a very good tool for marketing and because of the number of followers we have across our social media handle: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc, we tend to charge high because each post we publish, thousands of our followers are in engagement with it. Due to this, we charge ₦5,000 for each of our social media pages (Instagram, twitter, facebook). We charge ₦15,000 to hype your post on all our social media pages/handles.

To be listed as artiste of the month, then you must be very lucky because thousands of our viewers will be looking our for you. A lot of people will want to check out your social media pages, check your latest songs as well as follow up on you. For artiste of the month, we will trend you on our social media pages as well as put you up on our website under the widget for artiste of the month. Thousands of people are usually interested in knowing who is the artiste of the month and also get to check out his or her profile. For artiste of the month, we usually write a full page about you and make it trend for 30days non stop. We charge ONLY ₦25,000 to become artiste of the month on Uniksounds.

Recommended songs or posts are posts that are recommended to our viewers and it appears on the front page of our website. Whenever a visitor visits the website, one of the first things he or she sees is our Recommended Post and this usually last for almost 5 days. The recommended post usually catches the attention of viewers there by increasing more traffic compared to other posts. For your song to be under Recommended post, we charge ₦7,000 ONLY.

Trending video of the month shows the top 3 videos in the month and its usually lasts for 30days. We always recommend top artistes to go for this package as to stay relevant in the industry. A lot of people want to know what video made it to the top video of the month and it can only be found on Uniksounds. To put your video as one of the videos of the month, we charge ONLY ₦25,000. Note only 3 videos make it to this level. Once you pay, your video will appear here as video of the month.

Each week, we have only 3 videos that make it to the video of the week. If you want your video to be among the video of the week, then this is an opportunity for you. Video of the week is usually one of the most looked after post on Uniksounds. People want to stay updated in the Entertainment industry and by so doing, they want to know what is trending each week in terms of videos. Some people who are not able to follow up on tv with top videos of the week come to our platforms to check its out. We charge ₦9,000 to put your video as video of the month.

Hottest songs of the month are the trending songs for that month. Only 4 songs make it to this level. Hottest songs of the month is located on the front page of our website and it is the most viewed post on our platform. Most visitors check out for the hottest songs of the month to be updated with what is happening in the entertainment industry. We charge ₦30,000 to put your song as Hottest song of the month.

As one of the top leading event promotion platforms in the industry, be assured that we will take your event to a wider audience.  We place your event flyer, banner on one of the most viewed sections on our platform which appears on every page of our website and on every post in the platform. We also do social media hype on your event. Consider us today to hype your event. We charge only ₦15,000 for this ads placement. Note there are only 8 slots. Make your event to appear in the of this slots today

We consider the pocket of everyone when it comes to charging for promotion. We charge the lowest rate in the industry when it comes to promotion. To publish your song, video, event, beat, comedy, mixtape on our website including social media pages, we charge ₦5,000 ONLY. Please note that there is no negotiation. This is a fixed price.