Well, Since the court hasn’t been able to ‘settle their rift’, Blackface has decided to release his own version of African Queen. Let’s refresh… After Tuface released African Queen and it went viral back in 2004/2005, Blackface called him  out claiming he wrote the song and deserves a credit.

Not quite long he has been demanding credit for the song again, unfortunate for him it’s a thing that Tuface has refused to do, also claiming his own rights. So truth is, we really don’t know who owns the song or wrote it. The singer has also dragged his former friend to court, demanding a compensation from Tuface. Long story short, Blackface has released his own version too, and indeed, and let’s be honest, we love the song because the song tight.

While sharing a bit of the flavour on instagram he captioned it;

”Finally my #version of #africanqueen will soon be available on all platforms worldwide…just to clear the air again …I gave the initial singer the right to sing the song but I never got credited as a writer by the label that released it nor any acknowledgement from the singer while the song did so many numbers and won many awards since 2003/4 till date
The singer included a third verse he wrote to the music when it was produced by OJB but I took that verse out and included the third I had written to make this version of mine totally written by self ….I can’t wait for you all to feel this one #producedBy @hookmrbrown for #Loudhouz #releasedates #loading #BFNfans 👌”

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