[Exclusive] Cassper Nyovest wished he is from Nigeria

Cassper Nyovest wished he is from Nigeria
Cassper Nyovest wished he is from Nigeria

South African hip-hop artiste and rapper Cassper Nyovest also known as Phoolo wished he is from Nigeria. The singer recently had a heated argument with S.A popular music producer, singer and sound engineer, Zakes Bantwini on the music situation in theie country, S.A. The producer compared the music level between Nigeria and South Africa. He said:

2020 for SA music if you want unit in the industry we must stop being genre based and be music based. If we want to push SA Music to a level where Nigerians are you Must think SA music industry then Genre movement, period.

This came few minutes after the hip-hop singer, Cassper took to his twitter page to tell his fans that the year 2020 is for Hip-Hop in S.A. and he responded to the music producer saying:

Nigeria has all the genres we have but they push Afrobeats. What’s wrong with me riding for SA hip hop cause it got me here? I have supported every genre in SA, Come on big bro. I hate these back and forths on Twitter. Rather call me if you wanna discuss this.

After he replied the producer, the singer responded to one of the tweets from his fan who wished he is from Nigeria. He said:

Won’t even lie. I wish i was from Nigeria too. The love they have for thier own artists, the way they celebrate their culture, 90% local content on radio and Tv, there way they celebrate their music no matter where they are in the world, the unity within thier industry. A DREAM!

He spoke of how Nigerians love their sounds and how they celebrate their culture, their contents (local contents) and how he dreams of becoming a Nigerian one day.

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